Polyco RE0360 Electricians Gauntlets

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The Polyco Electricians Gauntlet RE0360 36cm Class 0 Electricians glove offers the highest level of electrical protection available and every pair is electrically tested to ensure the safety of the wearer.

PROTECTION. Made from non-conductive natural rubber which combines high dielectric and physical strength to provide exceptional electrical resistance.

COMFORT. Anatomical shaped gloves made to fit the hand as comfortably as possible, whilst being both flexible and durable to provide a superior performance.

LENGTH. 36cm in length to ensure full protection of the lower arms from electrical currents.

Maximum working AC voltage 1,000V.

RECOMMENDED USES. Polyco recommends that the Class 0 Electricians Glove can be used for the following: Electrical Maintenance, Installations and Wiring.


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