3M Peltor X4A High Visibility Headband Ear Defenders

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  • Lightweight (234g), comfortable ear defenders with adjustable headband.
  • Innovative sealing ring provides protection against low frequencies.
  • Effectively reduces background noise levels by up to 33 decibels.
  • Durable ABS plastic cups with soft TPU outer coating.
  • Wide, soft ear cushions for improved comfort during use.
  • EN352-1:2002 tested & certified.
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3M Peltor X4A High Visibility Headband Ear Defenders are high performance ear protection for use in a wide range of industries.  They effectively reduce high background noise levels by up to 33 decibels and have a sleek, low profile design.  The bright colouring also provides extra visibility in high-risk locations.  For example airports, building and construction sites, roadworks and more.

The Peltor X4 Series ear muffs have tough, impact resistant ABS cups with a soft TPU outer coating.  The innovative foam sealing ring provides excellent acoustic protection, especially against low frequency noise.  This effectively muffles background noise by up to 33 decibels (SNR) while allowing the wearer to understand speech and signals.  The soft ear cushions help workers remain comfortable during extended use, and the adjustable headband ensures a secure fit.  Tested and certified to EN 352-1:2002 European standards.

The 3M Peltor X4A High Visibility Headband Ear Defenders are available now at Safety Supplies.  Call our friendly team today for further details and expert advice on all of your PPE and hearing protection needs.


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EN Standards

EN 352-1:2002
Hearing protectors. Safety requirements and testing. Ear-muffs.