Quiet Re-Usable Corded Earplugs – 50prr

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.Keep Quiet and Carry On.


Performance: 88%





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Product Description


For great protection and comfort from a reusable earplug, Quiet provides consistent attenuation for all-day wear. Quiet requires no rolling – its built-in flexible stem adds ease of insertion and immediate comfort. Its smooth, non-irritating skin provides all-day comfort and is easy to clean up with soap and water for extended wear.




Technical Details


  • Patented “no-roll” design is easy to handle and fit


  • Contoured shape comfortably matches contours of the ear canal


  • Smooth, non-irritating skin provides all-day comfort, easy to clean for long-term use


  • Built-in insertion stem makes insertion quick and easy


  • Corded Earplugs