JSP FAR1102 Spartan Single Fall Arrest Kit

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  • Harness conforms to EN 361:2002. Retractable fall limiter conforms to EN 355:2002.
  • Supplied with JPS woven draw-string bag.
  • Spartan 2-point harness with adjustable leg straps, sit straps, 44mm polyester webbing with 23kN breaking strength & parachute buckle.
  • 1.8m length fall arrest webbing lanyard incorporating an energy absorber, one side of the lanyard is equipped with a karabiner, the other end with a steel scaffold hook. 20mm polyester webbing with a 25kN breaking strength
  • • 2-Point Spartan™ Harness (FAR0302), conforms to EN 361 : 2002.
  • • 2m fall arrest lanyard, conforms to EN355 : 2002.
  • • JSP woven draw-string bag.

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JSP FAR1102 Spartan Single Fall Arrest Kit.  For those working at hazardous heights, this is protection against a fall from heights above 2 metres in the work place. The Spartan harness is in comfortable (blue) webbing which is adjustable at the chest and legs. There is a choice of two attachment points, front and back, where the karabiner can be attached to the harness as required.

The 2 metre energy absorbing lanyard is attached to the karabiner. The other end of the energy absorbing lanyard is attached to the restraint rope (white, immensely strong polyamide). This gives the wearer a total working length of 2 metres once the scaffold hook is fixed on to the anchor point. Should the wearer inadvertently stray more than 2 metres from his anchor point, and falls, the energy absorbing lanyard plays out gradually and halts the fall. (Were an ordinary, non-energy absorbing rope to be relied on, the chances of severe injury with the sudden stop are high).

The equipment, therefore allows the wearer to work with a loose and relaxed safety lanyard in place behind them which isn’t constantly distracting them by being a taut restraint rope.

All the products seen come in a woven and highly convenient drawstring bag.


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