3M 6096 Gas, Vapour & Particulate Filters A1 E1 Hg P3 R

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  • Protects against organic vapours, acid gases, mercury vapour and particulates.
  • Innovative design to optimise your field of vision when in use.
  • Can be used with all 3M reusable masks with a bayonet-style connection.
  • EN 14387:2004 + A1:2008 tested and certified.
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3M 6096 Gas, Vapour & Particulate Filters are versatile combinations filters designed to protect against a wide range of hazards.  For example, they provide protection against organic gases, acid gases, mercury vapours and particulates.

The filters ae shaped for use in a “swept-back” position, so they reduce obstruction to the user’s field of vision.  They are also lightweight (100g each) with low breathing resistance.  They are easy to connect with a twist-and-click bayonet style locking mechanism for a safe and secure fit.  The 6096 filters can be used with all 3M half and full face masks that use this bayonet mechanism.

A1E1Hg – protects against organic vapours with boiling points above 65°C, acid gases and mercury vapours in concentrations of up to 10 x WEL or 1000ppm.

P3 – protects against harmful or carcinogenic dusts, water and oil based mists or aerosols and biological agents of risk groups 2 and 3 in concentrations of up to 20 x WEL.
R – reusable.  The filter can be used for longer than one shift and fulfils the 120 mg loading test with solids and liquid aerosols.

The 3M 6096 Gas, Vapour & Particulate Filters are available now at Safety Supplies.  Call our friendly team today for further details and expert advice on all of our respiratory protection, PPE and and workwear products.


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EN Standards

EN 14387:2004+A1:2008
Gas filters and pre-assembled filters tested and certified.

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