Manpacking: Personalised PPE & Workwear Kits

Provide your workforce with handy workwear and/or PPE kits with our manpacking service.  Individually assigned uniform and PPE packs to efficiently distribute the necessary gear to your team.

How it works:

  1. Get in touch with us – give us a call and let us know your ideas. We will get to know your business and work together to find the most cost effective and efficient service to keep your staff safe and comfortable at work.
  2. Decide on the items you need in your packs. Anything from Jackets to Face Masks, Glasses to Gloves or Earplugs to Coveralls – we can pack anything (within reason). Can’t see the item you want on site? Let us know and we will do our utmost to source it for you at a competitive price.
  3. Provide your employee details – we will need the names, sizes and any information about your employee that might affect their pack. Why not go a step further and personalise your garments with our embroidery and heat seal service?  Keep your team feeling valued and looking professional.
  4. Let us know when you want your packs and we’ll deliver them timely and ready to be received by your staff.
  5.  If you think you may return to us we can keep your details ready for next time. New starter? Rebrand? Workwear upgrade? We’ll be ready to turn your next order of manpacks round as quickly as possible.

Contact Customer Services on: 01229 615359.