Chemical Protection

Chemical protection gloves are used to protect the skin against work-related exposure to chemicals and other liquids.  This can include protection from accidental exposure like splashes or full immersion.

There are a wide range of hand protection products available.  For example, single use latex and nitrile gloves suitable for shift work or heavy duty protective gauntlets for industrial cleaning.  As such, it is important to choose a glove that offers the correct level of protection for the role.

Always use suitable hand protection when and where required in the workplace.  You can view our range of chemical protection gloves and PPE below.  Alternatively, call our friendly team today for expert, impartial advice.

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Anti-Syringe  •  Chemical Protection  •  Cold Resistant  •  Cut Protection  •  Disposable  •  General Handling  • Impact Resistant  •  Rigger  •  Specialist

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Showing all 19 results