Anti Syringe

Anti Syringe Gloves protect the user from medical waste such as hypodermic needles, scalpels and sharps.  They are designed to keep workers safe from accidental exposure and harm.  Using needle resistant gloves can help to reduce occupational risk in areas where such materials may be present.

Anti syringe gloves and gauntlets are tested to the highest levels of puncture and cut resistance.  As a result, they are ideal for use by emergency services, law enforcement, waste management, medical and health care workers.

Always use suitable hand protection when and where required in the workplace.  You can view our range of safety gloves and PPE below.  Alternatively, call our friendly team today for expert, impartial advice.

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Anti-Syringe  •  Chemical Protection  •  Cold Resistant  •  Cut Protection  •  Disposable  •  General Handling  • Impact Resistant  •  Rigger  •  Specialist

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Showing all 2 results