FFP2 filtering half masks protect workers from moderate levels of airborne particles including dust, aerosols and vapours.  These masks effectively filter at least 94% of airborne particles, and have a maximum internal leak rate of 8%.

FFP2 masks are the European equivalent to the US N95 standard half mask.  It has been recommended for use by the World Health Organisation  (WHO) during pandemic outbreaks such as SARS, and is regularly used in the health care industry to protect from exposure against influenza viruses.  They are ideal for use in construction, farming and waste management.

FFP2 – protects against moderate levels of hazardous fine dusts, water and oil based mists or aerosols and biological agents of risk group 2 in concentrations of up to 10 x WEL.

NR – non reusable.  Disposable masks suitable for single shift use only.
R – reusable.  Can be used for more than one shift and fulfil the 120mg loading test with solids and liquid aerosols.
D – these filters have passed the Dolomite clogging test, giving the user better breathing resistance.

Always use suitable respiratory protection when and where required in the workplace.  You can view our range of filtering half masks and PPE below.  Alternatively, call our friendly team today for expert, impartial advice.

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