Specialist gloves are needed for additional protection in certain areas of work.  For example, electrician’s gloves, welder’s gauntlets, rappelling gloves for ropes access or anti-vibration gloves for working with machinery.

More than 25% of all work place accidents involve damage to the hands or fingers.  As a result, it is important to choose the correct hand protection products for the job.  When you work with specialised equipment or exposed to hazardous environments, this becomes vital.

You can view our current range of specialist safety gloves and PPE below.  If you can’t find what you need, call our friendly team today – we source a wide range of professional safety equipment on a daily basis.

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Anti-Syringe  •  Chemical Protection  •  Cold Resistant  •  Cut Protection  •  Disposable  •  General Handling  • Impact Resistant  •  Rigger  •  Specialist

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Showing all 10 results