Harnesses are designed to provide protection and security when working at height.  There are many types available with many tailored for specific roles, so it is vital to choose the harness that best suits your needs.

Safety Harnesses – Types & Roles

Fall Arrest harnesses protect the wearer in the event of an accidental fall.  They absorb the kinetic energy of a fall, so they rapidly slow the wearer’s rate of descent.  The fall is arrested, allowing the worker to effect a self rescue or be rescued.  A Fall Restraint harness prevents the wearer from moving into an area where a fall may occur.

A Multi-Purpose harness is an economical choice that also allows the wearer to work in a range of situations.  They usually have attachment points to the front and rear.  Work Positioning harnesses allow for hands-free work.  They usually include side D-ring attachment points and padded belts for additional back support.  Suspension harnesses are recommended for vertical work, with low front attachment points for use with descent control and ropes access equipment.

You can view our range of safety harnesses and personal fall protection equipment below.  Call our friendly team today for further details and expert, impartial advice on all of your PPE and height safety needs.

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