Anchors are used to securely connect fall protection equipment to surfaces or structures when working at height.  Anchorage systems are certified under European standard EN 795:2012.  The standard requires that an anchor point must have a minimum resistance of 12 kN in the direction in which the force will be applied in the event of a fall.

Anchors – Types & Uses

Fixed and structural anchors are permanently fixed to a parent structure, such as roofs, walls, beams or pillars.  They are ideal for areas which require regular work access or inspection.  Temporary anchors are lightweight and transportable, so they can be moved or relocated as the job requires.  Horizontal lifelines allow workers to move horizontally along a surface.  This gives them greater mobility and access to a wider working area.  Vertical lifelines offer secure anchor points when working with vertical structures, for example access ladders or telecommunications poles.

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