Rigger Gloves are durable, hard wearing work gloves intended for heavy duty lifting and manual handling jobs.  These safety gloves are ideal for outdoor work, lifting or moving heavy objects and items with sharp or rough edges.

Rigger gloves are made from a combination of dense materials, for example multiple layers of leather with heavy duty cotton lining.  This makes the gloves tough, resistant to tearing and hard wearing.  The gloves may also feature insulated fleece linings or additional reinforcement on the palms, cuffs or knuckles.  Also known as Canadian rigger gloves, these gloves are ideal for rough and tough work in construction, lumber, agriculture and waste management.

More than 25% of all work place accidents involve damage to the hands or fingers.  As a result, it is important to choose the correct hand protection products for the job.  You can view our range of heavy duty safety gloves and PPE below.  Alternatively, call our friendly team today for expert, impartial advice.

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Anti-Syringe  •  Chemical Protection  •  Cold Resistant  •  Cut Protection  •  Disposable  •  General Handling  • Impact Resistant  •  Rigger  •  Specialist

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Showing all 5 results