Fall Restraint

Fall Restraint Kits are designed to keep workers secure while working at height.  For example when working on construction sites, scaffolding or rooftops.  They allow people to work freely but prevent them moving into areas where a fall may occur.  Fall Restraint systems are generally suitable if the person needs to work at the edge of a hazard. For example, repairing gutters along the edge of a roof, or potential hazards such as a fragile area, roof lights or air vents.

When fitting a fall restraint system, it is recommended that the system should also be tested to fall arrest loads.  This help to ensure safety in situations where the system may be misused.  For example, when a worker wears an over-length lanyard to enable access to the edge of a roof.  Restraint systems are generally positioned more than 2m from the hazard. This is because common practice is for the worker to be connected to the system by a fixed length 1.5 m lanyard.

You can view our range of personal fall protection equipment below.  Call our friendly team today for further details and expert, impartial advice on all of your PPE and height safety needs.

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