JSP InterGP AEK010-005-300 Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders

  • No longer available – please see below for alternatives.
  • SNR 25 ear muffs for use with JSP safety helmets.
  • Fits the full range of JSP Safety Helmets, also compatible with the JSP Surefit system.
  • Thick, wide and soft cushions provide comfort during regular use.
  • Adjustable steel arms for a comfortable, personalised fit.
  • EN 352-3:2002 tested & certified.
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JSP InterGP AEK010-005-300 Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders are lightweight, low profile ear muffs.  Ideal for general purpose use with SNR 25db. They can be used with the full range of JSP helmets and are also compatible with the JSP Surefit system. For example, they can be used with the JSP EVO 3 Safety Helmet and JSP EVOLite Linesman Helmet.

The InterGP earmuffs are easy to attach and detach with spring loaded arms that can be adjusted for a personal fit. The arms maintain a constant, comfortable even pressure, so they remain comfortable even during prolonged use.  When not in use, they can be raised to stand off clearly from the head. Easy to care for – the ear defenders may be cleaned with soap and warm water and dried with a soft cloth.  Do not clean with chemicals or abrasive cleaners. Keep out of direct sunlight and store away from chemicals and extreme heat/cold temperatures.  Conforms to EN 352-3:2002 European standards.

JSP InterGP Ear Defenders – Instructions for use:

  1. Fit ear defenders to the industrial safety helmet as per the instructions supplied.
  2. Position the ear defender cups at the bottom of the slots in the arms.
  3. Fit helmet on head and fasten strap to ensure correct fit.
  4. Adjust cups until comfortably seated over each ear.

Please Note:  the JSP InterGP AEK010-005-300 Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders are no longer available.  As an alternative, please see the JSP Sonis 1 AEB010-0CY-800 Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders.  Call our friendly team today for further details and expert advice on all of your hearing protection, PPE and workwear needs.


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Additional information

Weight 0.32 kg

EN Standards

EN 352-3:2002
Hearing protectors. Safety requirements and testing. Ear-muffs attached to an industrial safety helmet.

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