3M EAR Ultrafit Corded Earplugs

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The 3M EAR UltraFit corded earplugs features a proprietary, premolded, triple-flange design that fits comfortably in most ear canals and provides excellent hearing protection.

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3M EAR UltraFit Corded Earplugs features a proprietary, premolded, triple-flange design that fits comfortably in most ear canals.
  • Premolded, triple flange earplugs fit comfortably in a wide range of ear sizes
  • No need to roll earplugs before fitting so the tips stay clean even if hands are dirty
  • Soft polymer is washable and reusable, reducing both waste and costs
  • Poly bag keeps each pair or earplugs available or accessible for re-use
  • SNR rating SNR32
  • Test compatible with 3M E-A-Rfit  Validation System

EAR UltraFit reusable ear plugs in the patented EAR yellow colour, are made with a unique triple-flange design with rounded flanges that provide an uncommonly comfortably fit. The tapered shape fits a wide variety of ear canal sizes so you do not need different sizes to fit your entire workforce. Made of soft, tough and durable pre-molded silicone rubber, UltraFit ear plugs are washable with mild soap and water. With proper care, UltraFit ear plugs are good for daily use over many months, making UltraFit earplugs one of the top-selling reusable earplugs in the world, SNR 32

Fitting instructions for 3M EAR UltraFit corded earplugs

Reach around the back of your head and pull outward on the ear while inserting the plug until you feel it sealing. This may seem tight at first, especially if you have never worn earplugs

Pre-moulded earplugs could last several weeks depending on the type and on your work environment, hygiene and body chemistry. They should be replaced if they shrink, harden, tear, crack or become permanently deformed. Wash them in warm soapy water and rinse well. When dry, store them in a carrying case.